Healing and the Body, Mind, Soul Connection

In three months, annual gym memberships will roll-over, Weight Watchers will see a surge in business, and everyone will hone their attention on a new, positive, healthy lifestyle.  We say to ourselves, “I want that new home, I want that beach body, I want that new car.”  By February, Facebook newsfeeds will be filled with memes regaling all of us on how we’ve failed at attaining the goals we set for ourselves, and the “share” button will work overtime as we admit defeat.

So, what now?  We feel stuck, again, and we start to settle back into old habits.  Trust me, a comfy sofa and an episode of Game of Thrones is a really, really appealing way to spend an evening.  In fact, every evening.  We begin to forget what really motivated us to set those goals.

If this isn’t you – stop reading.

I’m pretty sure you’re still reading this.

The fact is, we don’t need a singular moment in time to make a positive change.  Picture this – you’re standing in the breakroom staring at the bleached, white sugar cane, but as you reach for it, you remember, “I still have that Stevia I bought earlier this year.”  You pull your hand away from the sugar, grab your cup, and walk back to your desk for the Stevia.  You just made a positive decision.

A singular, positive decision brings you closer to more positive decisions, and those decisions lead to sweeping change.  That's called:  abundance.

The change you’ve been seeking - that you felt was so far out-of-reach, because that’s what the memes said - is actually inside of you.  It’s not motivated by a “who can lose more weight” competition or “who on my street can buy the flashier car first” gamble, it’s propelled by a deep, inner yearning for transformation.  I mean, that’s why you started this journey, right?

Sometimes, when we start these journeys, we reach a stage of self-discovery that reminds us the driver of our happiness is us.  It’s not the things we own or the thin, toned photos of us smeared across the internet that are “here today, gone tomorrow”.  What truly remains, after all, is us and our happiness with ourselves and our decisions.

Maybe the first step really is admitting defeat.

I mean, let’s face it – the pressure is off at that point.

Once we find our happiness, that’s when true healing begins.  It heals our relationship with ourselves, so that, we find our lost, inner peace.

Those who are at peace with themselves, who are happy with themselves, who accept themselves and all their idiosyncrasies have the greatest mind, body, soul connection.  They are in a constant state of healing.

Hollywood would lead us to believe that shamans and medicine men were stern, primitive authority figures lurking deep in a remote jungle practicing who knows what.  They danced, they rattled, they brewed unusual, smelly concoctions, they blew smoke in your face – they were fraudsters.

This portrayal couldn’t be further from the truth.


Anthropologists have performed deep observations into these practices and what they have discovered is that shamans and medicine men and women laugh more than anyone else in their tribes.  I’ve seen this first-hand, and I can confirm this is true.  They have an innate sense of humor about themselves and the world around them.

A sense of humor about the world?  They must be crazy.

Nope – they are at peace with themselves, they are happy with themselves, they accept who they are and all their idiosyncrasies.  They are in a constant state of healing, and in turn, have learned how to help heal others.

Healing isn’t just a cellular response – it’s changing how you think, how you feel, and your connection to yourself and to your world.  Don’t get me wrong, wanting to be better can influence the cellular – that’s driven by the power of intention.  True healing is from the inside out.  Keep your energies in balance and you will be in balance with your world.

How do I keep my energies in balance?  Join a meditation group, enroll in Tai Chi classes, journey into yourself to learn who you are and where your compass points, connect with a Reiki session, learn about the history of the dream catcher - do something meaningful even when the things around you may seem meaningless.  In other words, you can always catch a re-run of Game of Thrones, if you're so inclined.


OK.  I think I made my point.

Stop reading, get up, and make a positive change to bring you just one step closer to your happiness.



Christopher and Tiffany Myler, Owners

Raion Zou Holistic Healing